Geminese. 19. Filipina.
- coffee's my one and only energy mood booster.
- i'm an avid fan of books. i read a LOT, consider them as my bfs.
- NOPE! definitely not a geek. yet, sometimes i regret not being one.
- i'm a family girl. which makes me vulnerable, good and somehow fragile.

you can always ask, you know if you wanna know me more. although i bite sometimes, but i promise it'll be pleasurable.

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"If the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?’ No, sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise (via pilosopogyno)

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Okay, alright. Maybe this is highly relevant and correct.

Working in a private company is never easy, esp when its a banking institution. My mum and dad were right. They say when you work in a private corp, you’re like a fat meat slaughtered and cooked by your own oil. Yes, you’ll received satisfactory salary, however the work that you rendered deserves a much much much higher pay. Plus, you can’t just file a leave w/o your managers approval. I mean, WTF!

I wanna quit my job. However, I’m inspired by the quote “no pain, no gain”. I’m still young anyway… I know I can cope up with the pressure and pain. I hope. I’ll just stay positive— and I should say that this is a big opportunity, money is also on this track, and ofcourse, this is experience.


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Have you ever been loved? So deeply loved that he poured all his efforts in your relationship? That even the tiniest thing on earth he had already done just to make you happy?

But you know what’s the melancholic thing? It’s the fact that you’re really at bliss everytime he’s doing every thing for you. The fact that everyday, you fall for him because of the things that he had done.

Yet in a very odd way, he’s the one who’s not satisfied for the actions that he had done for you. Maybe because he loves you so much that nothing on earth can express his love for you, or maybe all the things that he had done is not really intended for you. Because you’re not the love of his life. For every time he sees you smile in every effort he gave, he’s not happy because he’s thinking of someone else. In fact, maybe he wishes to see someone else smiles… and she was never you.

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So, this is what I looked like back when I was still in my freshman year. I’m not as innocent as it looks like, yet I’m as naive and fragile as a fairytale princess. Well, that was way back. And now, THIS IS MY LAST WEEK IN COLLEGE! I dunno if I’m gonna be so damn happy about nailing school goodbye, but I still have this melancholic feeling that holds me back… That is leaving Ateneo, friends and my boarding-school life behind. Ohhh, I wanna write all of my mixed feelings here… However, bloggers shouldn’t make their posts that long. Right? Well, I just feel so mixed up.

Have you ever had a big fight with your mom and dad, that you wanna spit on their face? Oh, I’m sorry if it’s too immoral but hell yeah, that’s what I’m feeling today. It’s like I wanna open the gates of my demons. I’m sick and tired from all their accusations and nags. Doing our house chores are never that difficult as long as they’ll shut their mouth and be patient about it if its not done yet. Urrghh! I’m sorry if this is such a typical situation and melodramatic, but still, this really affects my whole day through.

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So cuuuuute! Egggzzited <3

So cuuuuute! Egggzzited <3

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Maybe this is too korny but it&#8217;s love. Oh, I forgot&#8212; foolishness also.

Maybe this is too korny but it’s love. Oh, I forgot— foolishness also.

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